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"I never would have imagined..."

My intellectual curiosity has taken me in many different directions, and yet things come full circle.  "Applied academics" best describes what I do and how I connect the dots in my academic and professional work.  My academic research and my professional work are interdependent in which they mutually strengthen and inspire the direction of both.  In my current role as Director of Research at HLW, I oversee a number of workplace research, spatial analytics, and architectural data projects.  This work shapes and is shaped by my academic role as a Research Associate at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business where I apply design and spatial thinking to the study of the work environment and the new world of work.  

After completing graduate studies in business and education through the lens of organizational behavior, I never would have imagined working professionally in the field of architecture.  But keeping an open mind as a doctoral student led me to an opportunity to be part of a team that created a cutting edge learning space and innovation community, which connected me architects and designers.  After completing graduate school I moved to New York and joined DEGW - a firm that pioneered the practice of spatial design strategy in both the corporate and learning environments sectors.  When DEGW was acquired and disbanded by a larger conglomerate, my colleagues and I went in many different directions.  It was then that I landed at HLW's New York office out of a passion for wanting to stay close to design practice.  

Throughout the trajectory of my career, I have continued to stay connected to academic research and have maintained a portfolio of projects that have run in parallel to my professional work and intersecting at various points.  Examples of this work are shown throughout this site.  

I earned a B.A. in History & American Studies, followed by an M.B.A., from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.  After that I earned a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Michigan.  Along the way, I learned to fly and became an FAA-licensed private pilot (Airplane Single Engine Land & Sea rated).

After living in New York for several years, I am currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I split my time professionally among Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit, and New York City.